hire me

what can i do?

i am primarily a web developer, though i am reasonably skilled in python and dabble in other areas. if you want a website or a discord bot built, i can do it. (realistically: i won't built you the next roblox. if that's your scale, you need an entire team of developers.)

what will it cost? how long will it take?

i calculate cost at ~$12 AUD per hour of work + additional expenses (e.g. hosting or a domain).

how long a project then takes depends on its scale and complexity, and on how good of an idea you have of what you want. + i'm still at school, so there will be times when that takes priority. a smaller project (e.g. a user portfolio/profile website or a single-function discord bot) could be done in under a week.

if, after i'm done, you wish for me to continue maintaining and updating the project, there will be a monthly "support" fee. otherwise, i can teach you the basics of self-maintaining the project.

what do those licenses i use mean?

effectively, both the CC-BY 4.0 and the MIT licenses state that you can do whatever you want with the work, so long as you attribute me. more specifically - the CC-BY 4.0 requires linking to the license, providing credit, and indicating the changes. the MIT requires inclusion of the copyright and permission statements within the license (these are included in a license file alongside source code).

works under these are done in my own spare time and are provided for free. i provide no assurance that they will work and take no responsibility for any potential problems that may arise from their use. summaries of the license terms given above are my own human-readable explanations - for legal definitions follow the links to read the legalcodes.

for commissions, license terms can be agreed upon per-project.



an enhancer/customiser for the all-in-one productivity workspace notion.so


a tool for precompiling docs from markdown


a lightweight, reactive data system

car cricket

it's cricket! well, kinda. you play it in a car.


wsl: setup

a documentation on setting up the windows subsystem for linux (v1) for use as a development environment

Jul 25, 2020 04:28 AM #wsl: setup #server/os