notion enhancer


if something is crossed out, then it is no longer a feature included by default, but can still easily be enabled by following instructions in the docs.

v0.6.1 (wip)

  • new: semi-mac support? installs, but can't confirm changes have taken effect.
  • bugfix: patched for linux.
  • bugfix: odd mix of \\ and / being used for windows filepaths.
  • bugfix: app no longer crashes when sidebar is toggled.

v0.6.0 (2020-06-30)

  • style: custom fonts.
  • style: font resizing.
  • style: hide discussions (thanks to u/Roosmaryn).
  • new: custom colour theming, demonstrated via the dark+ theme.
  • new: linux support (thanks to @Blacksuan19).
  • improved: if hotkey is pressed while notion is unfocused, it will bring it to the front rather than hiding it.
  • improved: stop window buttons breaking at smaller widths.
  • improved: more obviously visible drag area.
  • bugfix: specify UTF-8 encoding to prevent multibyte/gbk codec errors (thanks to @etnperlong).


v0.5.0 (2020-05-23)

  • new: running from the wsl.
  • new: reload window with f5.
  • improved: code has been refactored and cleaned up, inc. file renaming and a that doesn't require a run of to build modifications. improved: scrollbar colours that fit better with notion's theming.
  • bugfix: un-break having multiple notion windows open.


(forked by @dragonwocky.)

v0.4.1 (2020-02-13)

  • bugfix: wider table & the "+" button not working in database pages.



  • new: tray icon.
  • new: app startup options (+ saving).
  • new:
  • improved: better output from Customization
  • bugfix: wider tables in "short page" mode.
  • bugfix: unclickable buttons/draggable area (of titlebar).


  • new: show/hide window hotkey.
  • new: app startup options.
  • style: smaller table icons.



  • new: light/dark theme support for window control buttons + scrollbars.
  • new: custom styles directly linked to the enhancer resources + compatible with web version.
  • improved: making table column width go below 100px.


  • new: custom window control buttons.
  • removed: default titlebar/menubar.
  • removed: huge padding of board view.
  • removed: huge padding of table view.
  • optional: making table column width go below 100px.
  • style: thinner cover image + higher content block.
  • style: scrollbars.